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Home of the gourmet beef stew – Welcome to Stewed

At stewed! we've always specialised in combining wholesome handfuls of the most delicious ingredients... Right from the very start , in London farmers' markets, we brought rich, hearty and full bodied flavours together to remind everyone that one pot meals are the perfect marriage of sumptuous feast and culinary convenience.

We don’t dabble in dainty, dull or hints of... Each and every stewed! tub overflows with great big chunks, intense flavours and a large helping of personality! What's more, all our one pot meals are gluten-free too!

We've also created the stewed! cookbook, a great bible of one pot wonders and stews. It's got everything from Lancashire hotpot and beef in ale stew to exotic tagines and curries, stopping via boeuf Bourguignon and paella along the way! You can buy it here.

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