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Chef founder Alan talks all things
stew for knowledge peers

April 9 2010
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Stewed! sails into Sainsbury’s!
January 11 2010

All said and done, 2009 was a busy old year for stewed! What with reinventing the entire concept of stew and ready meals, launching into Budgens, Harvey Nicks, Waitrose and ocado.com just one year after selling their first farmers’ market pot; whilst simultaneously cleaning up on glowing reviews from both press and punters alike.

This year promises no let up. From 10th February 2010, founder Alan Rosenthal’s plans will move a step closer, as he launches a select stewed! range into 80 national Sainsbury’s stores.

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Chef and Restaurateur Peter Gordon
endorses stewed!

August 10 2009

Stewed! allows anyone, with little time up their sleeve, the ability to present a delicious home-cooked tasting meal – without the hours of slow simmering the latter require. The varying international flavours are both authentic and hearty, but with a lightness to them as well, and I’ve enjoyed them in summer just as I will in the depths of winter.” – August 2009